Thank you for your interest in VERTIStrings™

VERTIStrings™ are a beautiful alternative to sheers. They are 100% Polyester, machine washable and will not unravel. There are many stunning designs and 23 beautiful color choices including 3 metallics. We offer wide range of sizes. Any width over 40 inches and heights up to 20 feet.

A complete VERTIStrings™ unit consists of a series of flowing string louvers on a vertical blind track and the overlay (valance). The removable string valance is attached with VELCRO® to an intricately cut board in the design chosen (the side columns are part of the valance). Individual louvers can be ordered. The valance can be ordered separately.

VERTIStrings™ designs require a minimum width of 40 inches. There is no maximum width limit (please call for further explanation). VERTIStrings™ will be shipped to you at 96″, 120″ or 240 heights. For shorter heights, they can be cut with sharp scissors when installing.

We use only the finest quality materials. All orders are manufactured and shipped from our factory in Pennsylvania.

We ship nationwide and internationally. Color selector and sample cuttings are available.



  • Operates as a regular vertical blind.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Split Draw available at no extra charge.
  • Reversible vertical track mechanism for left hand draw or right hand draw.
  • Mounting hardware and easy-to-install instructions included.


VERTIStrings™ Size Limits

Minimum width 40 inches
Maximum width NO LIMIT
Maximum length (height) 20 feet


*Standard length is 96″, 120″ or 240″.
When they are installed, you can cut them with sharp scissors for a shorter length (Check our How To Install Section).